Lady Baltimore Eats

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Charm City’s food is old-time funky fun
From Saveur, September-October 1999

Canadian Nöel

In the deep, silent chill of a Quebec winter, the warmth of food and family melts away the cold
From Saveur, December 2000

The Spice of Time

In the Malaysian state of Malacca, long mingled cultures have yielded a pungent, delicious cuisine
From Saveur, September-October 2001

The Taste Makers

Givaudan’s chemists don’t cook; they collect headspace
From Saveur, January-February 2002

A Tableful of Spice

Nasi Padang is Indonesia’s real rijsttafel, or rice table—a vivid, earthy, and lavish feast
From Saveur, April 2002

Sweet Rice, Rituals, and Water Guns

A Burmese-American returns home to Myanmar to celebrate the new year with offerings, feasts, and mass public soakings
From Saveur, April/May 2003

Thai Soul

A fiery-hot, vividly flavorful green papaya salad defines the cooking of the remote Isan region—spicy, bright, and pure
From Saveur, June/July 2003

Nutmeg Islands

Indonesia’s tiny Banda archipelago is home to one of the world’s most revered spices—and one of its most lavishly seasoned cuisines
From Saveur, June/July 2006

Southern Heat

Fire and spice define the foods of Thailand’s deep south
From Saveur, June/July 2007

Adventures in Good Eating

From Saveur, June/July 2008